Play Hard HQ

Preface: I’ve kept the work on this website as a snapshot to remind myself that we all start somewhere. My most recent material is contained in the links to follow below, but feel free to read my earlier articles for this site in the sidebar if it interests you!

Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Jonty Simmons, I’m a freelance writer from Melbourne, and I’m currently completing a double degree of Arts/Laws at Deakin University. I’ve collated all of my work into one easily accessible space to make my life easier, and hopefully yours too.

I originally started Play Hard HQ to make my own mark on the Australian music writing scene. As my middle name is Player (yep, 100% on my birth certificate and everything), Play Hard seemed to be an obvious naming choice. However, as I’ve continued writing over the years, I’ve realised that only limits this site (and myself). I’m currently a contributing editor for Hysteria Mag, a staff writer for FasterLouder and a contributor at Beat Magazine and love the hell out of it. Getting paid to talk to my favourite artists and get sweaty in the thick of the crowd? What a time to be alive.


I promise that my articles and conversations are a whole lot less stilted than a ‘one size fits all’ introduction. Enjoy my words, and if you need any other information, please feel free to contact me at the details below.


Jonty Simmons


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